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Qualified Market Trader

12-hr Online Program on Trading Strategies


Take your trading skills to the next level.

An objective approach towards trading through technical analysis

Minimum scope of subjective intervention - create trading strategies

Entire program conducted on IRIS+ Software from Spider Software

Code & scan for trades - no need to learn any computer language



Every session is recorded and shared with you in a private YouTube channel. So you never miss a class and have access to these sessions forever.

Qualified Market Trader (QMT) is a 100% online live training program

QMT - Structure



Five classes will be on Saturdays and Sundays (2 hours each) and one session during live market hours

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QMT BreakDown

Day 6 - Contrarian & Trend Following Strategies

Day 2 - Support, Resistance & Heiken Ashi Candles

1.1 What are Charts?

1.2 Difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis

1.3 Why we trade the charts and not the news - Price discount everything

1.4 Biggest Strength of a Technical Trader

1.5 Always trade looking at multi-time frames

1.6 Game of Bias and Basis

1.7 Don’t Chase … wait for the right time and price

2.1 What are supports and resistances?

2.2 Ways in which one can find supports and resistances

2.3 Psychology of price - Principle of polarity

2.4 Heiken Ashi Candlesticks and its uniqueness

2.5 A complete trading strategy using Heiken Ashi - Welcome to Trend Following

Day 5 - Live Market Session

Day 3 - Swing Trading Strategy

Day 1 - Revisit Technical Analysis

3.1 RSI - The most dynamic indicator

3.2 Bull & Bear Range

3.3 Divergences - Classic and Hidden

3.4 Averages on RSI

3.5 Swing Strategy # 1 - Hide & Seek 


Day 4 - Swing Trading Strategy Continued

6.1 Define Volatility with Bollinger Bands

6.2 Revisit RSI Classic Divergences

6.3 ADX and its Pros and Cons

6.4 Contra Strategy - Hook

6.5 Trend Following Strategy - Storm

4.1 Revisit Hide & Seek

4.2 ADX as a filter for Hide & Seek

4.3 Stochastics for moves that Hide & Seek may miss

4.4 Swing Strategy # 2 - Aim & Shoot 

5.1 Intra-day Trading Strategy # 1 - Powerful Inside Bar Strategy

5.2 Intra-day Trading Strategy # 2 - Opening Highs and Opening Lows


I had seen quite a few videos of abhijit sir on u tube which were impressive and my reason to join QMT. Prior to that I had done quite a few online course but nobody dealt it the way you did.  I usually traded in option and cash segment with not much success but after doing QMT have started trading in Futureas I am able to screen the stocks better with your strategies specially the combination of pinch, storm and MA correct order.
The course has truly built up my confidence to trade as a day trader

I thank you for the efforts you have taken to make program easier for us at QMT

I have been in market for few years now but always had difficulty in identifying what to trade and when to trade. This QMT course has given me that steps and process to identify what & when to trade. Also, I am very weak with fundamental analysis and after seeing Abhijit Paul's video I resonated with his way of seeing markets, just using indicators to identify fundamentally strong stocks. QMT is first course which made me understand the use of indicators and how to use them properly. I am very fortunate to have attended this course and very grateful to be part of this group. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in taking up trading as a career.

Deepak Janaki, London

i feel very glad to be a part of first QMT is one of prerequisite for successful trader. Abhijit sir has explained all the strategies in a very lucid and understandable was very gr8 experience to learn from master of Technical s. in order to be successful as trader you need not only have fundamental understanding but also technical.Being CA i understand the fundamentals but after class i know the importance of technical analysis.Thanks for being our mentor to become good trader/investor.
Thank You.

Radhakrishna Nair, Mumbai

Prasad Dhamgunde, Pune

Call us at +91 78376 13686

Mentor: Abhijit Paul

Chanpreet Singh started his journey in 2005 as a trader. Incurred losses in his early days but never lost hope. His continued studies and research managed him to demystify the markets dynamics. Over the years he has guided over 2,000+ traders from all over the Globe. Has over 11,000+ subscribers on Youtube and over 30,000+ Newsletter Subscribers he insists on both Investing + Trading approach. Chanpreet believes that if you want to make money in stock markets you need to focus on thyself, its all about Patience, Capital Management, Strategies and Conviction.

Over 13 years of experience in Indian financial market

SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Founder of

Trained over 3,000 active traders and investors

Active face in financial media - Zee Business, CNBC, ETNOW

Worked at ICICI Securities, BRICS Securities, Mumbai

MBA Finance & B.Sc Economics

Mentor: Chanpreet Singh

Day 1 : Saturday,     23  June :  4-6 PM

Day 2 : Sunday,        24  June :  4-6 PM

Day 3 : Saturday,    30  June :  4-6 PM

Upcoming QMT Batch-5

Starts from  23 June 2018

Day 4 :  Sunday,           01 July :  4-6 PM

Day 5 :  Wednesday, 04  July :  10 AM-12 PM (Live Market Classes)

Day 6 :  Saturday,        07  July :  4-6 PM

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